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Optima Battery Selection Guide

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Optima Military/Fleet battery purchasers click here.

Optima battery for: Auto starting (starter, ignition and standard lighting)
Optima battery for: Auto accessory loads: winches, aftermarket lighting, inverters, hydraulics, etc.
Optima battery for: Antique & Classic auto
Optima battery for: Car audio system
Optima battery for: Trolling motor battery
Optima battery for: Marine: general boat use
Optima battery for: RV/camping
Optima battery for: Deep cycle general use
Optima battery for: Motorcycle
Optima battery for: Truck, Heavy Equipment

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Auto Starting

Optima's Red Top (and reversed-post Orange Top) batteries are superior replacements for your starter battery, offering performance and longevity that far exceed conventional standards. Note: If your car or truck has accessories that create heavy or prolonged current draw, or if the vehicle sits for very long periods between uses, then see the following paragraph on "Auto Accessory Loads." Otherwise, click for: Optima Red Top Starting Batteries.

Auto Accessory Loads

Optima deep cycle batteries (Yellow Top and Blue Top) are designed for applications where current draw is heavy and/or prolonged, causing voltage to drop deeply before recharging. Winches, car audio, special lighting, power inverters and electro-hydraulics are examples of accessories that create heavy current draw. Deep discharge also occurs if a battery sits unused for long periods before recharging (modern electronic devices cause parasitic drain, and all batteries also experience self-discharge over time.) Optima's deep cycle batteries tolerate repeated deep discharging without premature failure and have an exceptionally low self-discharge rate, making them ideal for such applications. Click for information on all Optima deep cycle battery models.

Antique Autos

Optima 12 volt and 6 volt absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries and antique/classic autos are a match made in heaven. Optima's low self-discharge rate holds a charge during long periods of nonuse during storage. The Optima's sealed AGM design prevents acid leakage, and the fact that the Optima does not off-gas in normal use means your valuable auto won't suffer the effects of corrosive fumes. The Optima model 6V is the battery of choice for six volt systems. Whether you need a 12 volt battery or a six volt battery, check the dimensions available in your battery space and choose an Optima deep cycle battery or Optima starting battery.

Car Audio Systems

Car audio systems are major power users and the Optima deep cycle battery is the premier car audio performance battery on the market. In addition to superior longevity, shock resistance and their totally leak-proof, non-fuming design, the Optima deep cycle battery has one special characteristic that sets it apart from other batteries for car audio. Due to patented SpiralCell™ construction and the use of high purity lead, the Optima delivers incredibly high peak amperage. That means your music doesn't get clipped, because your amp gets the power it asks for, faster than any other battery can deliver. Click to read more about choosing an Optima battery for car audio.

Trolling Motor Batteries

The Optima Troll Fury battery set is among the most highly touted power supplies for trolling motors because of its durability, long life, fast recharge rate and high current storage. For really over-the-top trolling motor power, use the new Optima D31M batteries. They can be connected in parallel or in series for the voltage you need. The strongest Optima batteries ever made, they're the ultimate deep cycle power source. Click for information on Optima deep cycle trolling motor battery models.

Marine Batteries, General Use

Optima batteries for marine include the 34M marine starter battery as well as Optima's deep cycle boat batteries. Click for detailed specs on all Optima Blue Top Battery Models.


Various RV and camping applications at times call for any of the Optima batteries. Click here for our Optima RV/camping battery guide.

Deep Cycle, General Use

Optima's general use deep cycle battery line can be seen here: Optima Yellow Top deep cycle battery models.


Optima currently does not make batteries for motorcycles.

Trucks & Heavy Equipment

Trucks and heavy equipment may call for Optima Red Top starting batteries or Optima Blue or Yellow Top deep cycle battery models.

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